USJF Site Map

USJF Site Map

This page shows the USJF web site's pages and how they relate to one another through the menu and links on the pages.

On every page these navigation links appear

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Index of the USJF web site pages

Privacy Policy

Terms of Services

Contact Us

Home page

On the home page these links appear

What Judo is

What USJF can do for you

Upcoming Events

Latest News

Get Involved

Find a Judo Club

Sponsors and Partners

Members page

On the Members page these links appear

Members Portal Login
This leads to a private members area.

Join or Renew Membership

Membership Benefits

SafeSport and CDC Headsup

Find a Judo Club

Explore the Hall of Fame

Clubs page

On the Clubs page these links appear

Clubs Portal Login
This leads to a private area for Club Members.

USJF Club Member Benefits

How to Become a Charter Club Member

SafeSport and CDC Headsup information

Yudanshakai information

Gallery page

On the Gallery page there are links to various photograph albums

News page

On the News page there are links to all the news postings

Events page

On the Events page there are links to USJF current sanctioned events

Store page

The Store page opens up the USJF online shop

The About Us page

On the About Us page these links appear

USJF History

National Office

Executive Committee

USJF Organization and Working Committees

See below for a listing


Contact page

On the Contact page gives office hours and telephone number and email.

There is also a form to contact the office directly.

USJF Committees

The committees categorised

Executive Committee

National Tournament Committee

Ranks and promotions

Promotion Committee

Kodokan Rank Committee


Electronic Communications Committee

Historian Committee

Magazine Editor Committee

Marketing Committee

Merchandising Committee

Public Relations Committee


Accountant Committee

Endowment Trust Committee

Finance Committee

Planned Giving Director Committee


Development Committee

Coaches Development Sub-Committee

Junior Development Committee

Senior Development Sub-Committee

Kata Development & Certification Committee

Noboru Saito Judo Development Grant

Teachers Institute Committee

Self Defense

Referee Development Grants

Referee Development & Certification Committee

John Osako Referee Development Fund

Tamo Kitaura Referee Development Grant Committee

Scholarships available

Academic Honors Society Committee

Athlete-Scholar of the Year Committee

Ben Palacio Committee

B. C. Dage Corporation Athlete Travel Grant

E. Lee Committee

Fukuda Scholarship Committee

George C. Balch Scholarship Committee

Joseph J. Fitzsimmons Scholarship Fund


Insurance Committee

Law & Legislation Committee

Life Membership Committee

Medical Committee

Parliamentarian Committee

Redistricting Committee

Special Awards

Emeritus Director Awards Committee

Hall of Fame Committee

Jeremy Glick Award Committee


Screening Committee

Standards Committee

Talent Inventory/Leadership

Technical Research Sub-Committee

Women’s Committee