Historian Committee

last updated 10 Oct 2016


, Chair

Dale Swett

Jim Hrbek

Heidi Moore

Connie Halporn

Steve Brown

Historian committee

Dale Sweet – provides information from the Northeast and library from various universities.

Jim Hrbek – provides trip reports and update information from USA Judo (point rosters, etc.).

Heidi Moore – provides information from Paralympics events.

News item from 6 December 2011

USJA and USJF have recently formed a joint Archivist Committee. Our goal is to preserve judo history in the US. Our current inventory is 145,000 pages of judo historical documents, but there are many things that are missing. These ranges from bracket sheets, newspaper articles, programs from various tournament and various judo publications.

Do you have judo programs, newspaper articles, bracket sheets and everything in between lying around the house or garage? Has someone in your family been after you to get rid of these papers? If so, why not consider contacting the Archivist Committee to see if your items are in their inventory? If the items are not in their inventory, the committee will scan and if necessary return the documents to you.

The committee points of contacts are:

Help us preserve the history of judo in the United States.

For an inventory list of Judo Historical Documents, please contact