Hall of Fame Committee

Hall of Fame Committee


, Chair

Robert Brink

Vaughn Imada

Mitchell Palacio

About the Hall of Fame

The U.S. Judo Hall of Fame was established by action of the Board of Directors of USJF in 1989. Prior to its first meeting, the U.S. Judo Hall of Fame Committee membership by classification was approved by the Executive Committee and consists of all active and past USJF Presidents, the current USJF President (ex-officio member) and the President of USJI, if such person is also a USJF life member. The initial committee meeting was held on October 27,1992, and immediate past USJF President Yonezuka was selected Chairman of the Committee. With recommendations made by all five Committee members, the following criteria and procedures were approved and may be modified from time to time by the Board of Directors.

  1. Candidacy for selection and induction into the U.S. Judo Hall of Fame is open to any person regardless of membership affiliation. In addition, non-U.S. citizens may be nominated and are eligible for induction to the U.S. Judo Hall of Fame on the basis of significant contributions to United States Judo.
  2. A nominee should be a person who has made major contributions and/or achieved the highest level of success in any one or more of the following areas:
    • As an athlete
    • As a coach
    • As an official
    • As a program administrator
    • As a major booster and supporter of judo
  3. Nominations to the U.S. Judo Hall of Fame Committee may be made by any of the following persons:
    • The president or designee of USJF, USJI and USJA
    • Any yudanshakai president or designee
    • Any U.S. Judo Hall of Fame Committee member
  4. Nominations are made by submission to the USJF National Office or other address, where indicated, of a written list of names together with a brief statement which summarizes the nominee's major accomplishments and contributions to judo in the United States. Lists and supporting statements must be received by the deadline established annually. A photograph of the candidate would also be useful in order to publicize the identity of U.S. Judo Hall of Fame inductees, especially where the inductee is deceased or otherwise not able to be present.
  5. The U.S. Judo Hall of Fame Committee shall meet once each year in the month of April preceding the USJF Board of Directors meeting. The Committee shall select from the pool of nominees as many candidates as it shall deem appropriate for consideration by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, at its annual Board meeting, held in the month of April,shall, by a simple majority vote of all members present at which a quorum exists, elect up to four candidates for induction into the U.S. Judo Hall of Fame; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that the initial group of inducted for the 1993 U.S. Judo Hall of Fame Charter Class will not be limited in number.
  6. The USJF President shall present a suitable award to each inductee at the USJI Senior National Championships at a time to be established by the USJI President.