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Roy H. Moore

admin - January 04, 2018
Jerry Hays wrote Roy H. Moore, Jr., age 96, passed away on 2 January 2018. He was born on 29 June 1921 He started judo under his dad, Roy H. (Pop) Moore in the late 1920s. His first dojo was Moneta (later Gardena Judo Dojo). In 1937, on a joint judo and wrestling trip from Southern ...more
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67th Annual Ore-Ida Judo Club Tournament

admin - December 21, 2017
Date: 01/27/2018     Sanction Number: 18-01-10     Location: Ontario, OR   YDK: Intermountain Contact: Joe Cox, (541) 889-6461 Email: Event Name: 67th Annual Ore-Ida Judo Club Tournament more

Scholarship and financial aid

admin - December 16, 2017
Charmaine De Mesa has sent this information. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, higher levels of education translate to higher employment rates and higher lifetime earnings. It is unfortunate that for many students the cost of higher education is a significant barrier to ...more

Shufu Judo Yudanshakai IJF Rules Clinic

admin - December 15, 2017
Date: 02/11/2018       Sanction Number: 18-02-04     Location: Washington DC   YDK: Shufu Contact: Tad Nalls  Event Name: Shufu Judo Yudanshakai IJF Rules Clinicmore

Coach's Certification

admin - December 14, 2017
Date: 01/20/2018       Sanction Number: 18-01-07     Location: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park    YDK: 50th State Contact: Stephen Hall, (808) 895-7498 Email: Event Name: Coach's ...more

2018 West Clovis Senseis Memorial Judo Tournament

admin - December 14, 2017
Date: 01/28/2018        Sanction Number: 18-01-06     Location: Fresno, CA    YDK: Chuka Contact: Albert Lee  Event Name: 2018 West Clovis Memorial Judo Tournament more

Grassroots Judo Calendar for 2018

admin - December 14, 2017
The leaders of Grassroots Judo™ are the Presidents, the Executive Directors, and the Legal Counsels of the USJA and the USJF. Our aim is to grow Judo and enable people to contribute to society. We are the organizations of choice for coaches and students to train in the fundamentals of “big” ...more
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USJF Largest Judo Clubs

admin - December 09, 2017
The United States Judo Federation has affiliations with a number of very active clubs. Congratulations to the Portland Judo Club on being the largest Judo club in the nation in 2016. Here is a list of USJF clubs with very large memberships. USJF is very proud to be associated with these clubs ...more
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Konan Judo Association Championships

admin - December 06, 2017
Date: 02/25/2018        Sanction Number: 18-02-03     Location: East Lansing  YDK: Konan Contact: Neil Simon Event Name: Konan Judo Association Championshipsmore

Konan Rank Evaluation Shiai

admin - December 06, 2017
Date: 01/28/2018        Sanction Number: 18-01-05     Location: East Lansing, MI   YDK: Konan Contact: Greg Ondrus, 517-896-7788 Email: Event Name: Konan Rank Evaluation Shiaimore