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American Judo Alliance Agreement -- A Letter to USA Judo Members

admin - April 27, 2018
April 5, 2018 Dear USA Judo Members, We have heard from many of you that you are as excited as we are about the recent American Judo Alliance Agreement (“The Agreement”) and collaborative partnership with USJA and USJF. We have also heard from some members that they have questions and ...more
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Summer Nationals Information reminder

admin - April 23, 2018
Dear all, Please book your rooms now before the last minute rush. You can book the host hotel online or book by phone at (616) 776-6450 You can find all the latest tournament information at our website. On it you will find the registration flyers for both the USJF-JA Jr Nationals and ...more
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2018 Study Abroad Japan Camp

admin - April 20, 2018
Open to male and female USJF Judoka with demonstrated competitive experience Participant requirements: Must have been a USJF member for at least 3 years Club must be a USJF-registered club Recommendation from their sesnsei describing good character and work ethic 15 years of age or ...more
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City College of San Francisco Invitational

admin - April 19, 2018
Date: 04/22/2018      Sanction Number: 18-04-12    Location: San Francisco, CA   YDK: Central Coast Contact: Mitchell Palacio Email: Event Name: City College of San Francisco Invitationalmore

2018 California Judo Inc. State Judo Championships

admin - April 19, 2018
Date: 08/18-19/2018      Sanction Number: 18-08-03    Location: Norwalk, CA   YDK: Nanka Contact: Robert Oishi,  (310) 994-6917 Email: Website: Event Name: 2018 ...more

2018 Summer Judo Training Camp, Oahu, Hawaii

admin - April 19, 2018
2018 Summer Judo Training Camp, Oahu, Hawaii featuring Instructors from Kodokan Institute Come celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the arrival of the first group of Japanese immigrants to Hawaii. Haruki Uemura, Kodokan President & Olympic Gold Medalist, Tadahiro Nomura, Three-time Olympic ...more
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2018 Summer Judo Training Camp

admin - April 19, 2018
Date: 06/06-08/2018      Sanction Number: 18-06-07    Location: Kapolei, HI   YDK: 50th State Contact: Kevin Asano,  (808) 306-9639 Email: Event Name: 2018 Summer Judo Training Campmore

Future States Judo Championships 14

admin - April 18, 2018
Date: 04/29/2018      Sanction Number: 18-04-18    Location: Lakewood, WA   YDK: Northwest Contact: Jason Harai Email: Event Name: Future Stars Judo Championships 14more

2018 Great Lakes Open

admin - April 18, 2018
Date: 11/03/2018      Sanction Number: 18-11-01    Location: Grand Rapids, MI   YDK: Konan Contact: Jim Murray,  (616) 293-1568 Email: Event Name: 2018 Great Lakes Open more

Emmett Judo Tournament

admin - April 18, 2018
Date: 04/28/2018      Sanction Number: 18-04-17     Location: Emmett, ID  YDK: Daiheigen Contact: Robert Suyehira, (208) 365-4080 Email: Event Name: Emmett Judo Tournament more