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Michael Erdred's Thank you letter for coaching seminar

admin - April 27, 2017
April 23, 2017 Dear USJF, This letter is in regards to the 2016 International Coaching Seminar. This seminar was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was very impressed with how many different topics were included in the seminar, especially the practical application experienced by visiting ...more
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Report of 2016 USJF High School Special training camp in Korea

admin - August 14, 2016
Hello President Asano, Here are letters from the students who have been able to participate in the 2016 USJF High School Special Training Camp in Korea. It pleases me that they had such wonderful experience. I hope you will enjoy reading their messages below. Also, I am grateful to have had ...more
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2016 student visit to Japan

admin - August 10, 2016
Kevin Asano wrote to thank the organizers of the summer abroad program at Tokai. Dear Yamaguchi Sensei Thank you again for hosting the summer abroad program. I appreciate all the hard work that went into the program. Our students thoroughly enjoy the trip and learned a lot about judo and ...more
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Special Guest, Maria Celia Laborde, at the “Fight Like A Girl” Camp

admin - August 05, 2016
Special Guest, Maria Celia Laborde and added session to the “Fight Like A Girl” Camp Sunday August 7, 2016 from 2pm to 5pm at Southside. 8534 Portage Rd. Portage, MI. We are holding an extra afternoon session of the “Fight Like A Girl Camp” open to both male and female Judoka from 2 pm to 5 pm. ...more
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2016 Summer Program in Japan

admin - April 27, 2016
Teruyoshi Yamaguchi of Tokai University wrote to thank the USJF for its support for the Summer Program in Japan. "Every year, I enjoy learning Judo and Life with your students, instructors and parents." Please find the attached 2016 SAJ official brochure and entry form. The staff and ...more
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2016 USJF High School Judoka Special Training Camp in Korea

admin - April 27, 2016
The Judoka wishing to join this trip to Korea must be a member of USJF (training camp members must be male judoka only). The travel dates are as follows: All members are leaving USA on 8 July, Friday and arrival Seoul (Incheon-ICN) Korea on 9 July, Saturday to be met by Sensei Joon Chi and ...more
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The November PSJA Kata Clinics

admin - November 09, 2015
The Pacific Southwest Judo Association hosted weekend Kata Clinics with guest Instructor Sensei Eiko Shepherd, 7th Dan on November 6, 7 and 8, 2015 in San Diego, CA. On Friday November 6th, Ju no Kata was held. On Saturday November 7th, Nage no Kata and Sunday November 8th, Koshiki no Kata. ...more
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Cancelled . . .

admin - September 23, 2015
The 10th All Women's Championship has been cancelled. Sadly and unfortunately, we have had to cancel the "All Women's Championship" for October 10, 2015. However the "Great Lakes Open" Oct. 11 and the Gary Takemoto Clinic Oct 10th are still happening. It has been a pleasure to serve nine years ...more
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2015 Junior Developmental and Judo Training Camp

admin - April 27, 2015
Junior Developmental and Judo Training Camp at Yosh Uchida Hall at the San Jose State Campus on June 15–19, 2015. Scheduled technicians are Ms Marti Malloy, 2014 World Silver Medalist and 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist; Shintaro Nakano, SJSU Coach and Technical Advisor; Keith Nakasone, 1980 ...more
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First Annual Cenco Kata Clinic, April 4 & 5, 2015

admin - April 20, 2015
Sensei Eiko Shepherd, 7th Dan, was the clinician for Central Coast Yudanshakai's first Annual Kata Clinic.  This year's emphasis was on Randori no Kata with an in-depth study of Nage-no-Kata on Saturday and Katame-no-Kata on Sunday. Saturday began with a review of the finer points of ukemi, the ...more
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