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Sanix report and letters from David Capron and Trent Tono

admin - February 23, 2018
2017 Sanix Judo Report by David Michael Capron Although I have been to several countries in Europe on more than one occasion, not in a thousand years would I have dreamed of being able to visit Japan. Thanks tothe vision and generosity of several people, going to Japan went from something I ...more
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Sanix summary

admin - February 09, 2018
Last month the team returned from the Sanix program. Here are the articles and photos sent on by the participants. 2017 Sanix Judo Report from Steven Salazar Thank you notes and appreciation of Sanix from Anastasija Kosic Rio Ohtake's thank you and report from 2017 Sanix Sanix appreciation ...more
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2017 Sanix Judo Report from Steven Salazar

admin - February 07, 2018
Over this past winter, I was given the opportunity to train and compete in Japan alongside other Judokas from around the United States. I can safely say that throughout the whole trip, there was not one part I found disappointing or boring. I thought that everything about Japan, the ...more
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Thank you notes and appreciation of Sanix from Anastasija Kosic:

admin - January 31, 2018
My trip to Japan was an amazing experience. I learned many new things, and I had a lot of fun! I got to meet kids from other countries around the world, and I even had the opportunity to train with them. I also got to see several beautiful places in the area. Everyone was friendly and offered me ...more
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Rio Ohtake's thank you and report from 2017 Sanix

admin - January 19, 2018
I had many good experiences participating in the SANIX tournament and camp in Japan. First several wonderful teachers came and taught us many useful techniques. I will review what I have been taught and will try to use them in future competitions. Second, our team won once in the tournament ...more
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Sanix appreciation

admin - January 15, 2018
An appreciation of the Sanix 2017 trip from Michael Mooney.   An appreciation of the Sanix 2017 trip from Carson Furneaux. .more
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Sanix pictures and notes

admin - January 10, 2018
SANIX 2017 By Makayla Paige Cox The SANIX trip has allowed me to grow as a person and judoka for two years in a row. For both years, I trained my hardest and made new friends from several different countries. I was given the opportunity to visit some of Japan’s most beautiful areas and ...more
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2017 Sanix Juvenile Team Championships and Taisei Cup Report by Noboru Saito

admin - January 08, 2018
2017 Sanix & Taisei Cup US Participant List: Boy’s Team: Tohkon Team COACH - Michael Mooney, Douglas Tono PLAYER: David Capron, Chicago, IL PLAYER: Cornel Childs, St. Louis, MO PLAYER: Carson Furneaux, Windsor, Ontario PLAYER: Steven J Salazar, Los Angeles, CA PLAYER: Luke Smith, ...more
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Grassroots Judo Calendar for 2018

admin - December 14, 2017
The leaders of Grassroots Judo™ are the Presidents, the Executive Directors, and the Legal Counsels of the USJA and the USJF. Our aim is to grow Judo and enable people to contribute to society. We are the organizations of choice for coaches and students to train in the fundamentals of “big” ...more
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2017 USJF National Kata Conference

admin - September 07, 2017
Report and photos from Eiko Shepherd.more
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