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2017 New England Open Masters Judo Championships VI

admin - July 20, 2017
Date: 8/6/2017               Sanction Number: 17-08-14     Location: Cambridge, MA         YDK: Rokushu Contact: Dale Swett (617) 776-9060 Email: Event ...more

29th Annual Fukuda Open Kata Championship

admin - July 20, 2017
Date: 10/21/2017               Sanction Number: 17-10-08     Location: San Francisco, CA          YDK: Central Coast Contact: Kathy Ravano (415) ...more

Goshin Justsu Kata Clinic

admin - July 17, 2017
Date: 8/26/2017               Sanction Number: 17-08-16          Location: Coos Bay, OR           YDK: Northwest Contact: Rob Schab (541) ...more

Treasure Valley Judo Club Tournament

admin - July 17, 2017
Date: 4/7/2018               Sanction Number: 18-04-01          Location: Boise, ID           YDK: Intermountain Contact: Rocky Lima (208) ...more

2017 USJA/USJF Grassroots Judo Summer Nationals Results posted

admin - July 17, 2017
Mike Szrejter has posted the results of the 2017 Summer Nationals. Here is the direct link to a pdf of the results of the 2017 Summer Nationals more
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Mika Sugimoto Judo Training Camp & Clinic

admin - July 15, 2017
Date: 8/06/2017               Sanction Number: 17-08-12          Location: Bellevue, WA           YDK: Northwest Contact: June Encarnacion (425) ...more

Nage no Kata & Katame no Kata Clinic

admin - July 14, 2017
Date: 8/19/2017               Sanction Number: 17-08-15          Location: Vacaville, CA           YDK: Daiheigen Contact: Gordon Makimoto (707) ...more

2017 Capital Open

admin - July 14, 2017
Date: 9/3/2017               Sanction Number: 17-09-09         Location: Sacramento, CA           YDK: Hokka Contact: Mac Takeda (916) ...more

2017 Jeremy Glick Award Recipient Announced at Summer Nationals

admin - July 13, 2017
The Jeremy Glick Award has been announced for 2017. The recipient is Albert Aoki of the 50th State Judo Association. Photo by Tyler Kanoa/Special to the 50th State Judo Association, at the 2014 Junior Nationals, reproduced with permission. Some bullet points from his USJF Judo ...more
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Introductory Judo Referee Seminar

admin - July 13, 2017
Date: 8/26/2017               Sanction Number: 17-08-13          Location: Seattle, WA           YDK: Northwest Contact: Gordon Nelson Event Name: Introductory ...more