Sanix 2016 -- Tatevos Manucharyan


I had the privilege of traveling with 15 judokas from across the United States to Japan to participate in the Sanix Judo Camp, and compete in Sanix Judo Tournament 2016. The opportunity to accompany these students to this competition was a very memorable experience. I accompanied 2 judokas, Narek Manucharyan, and Isaiah Thor from Fresno Judo Club, and met the rest of them in Japan. All 15 judokas represented Team USA.

I witnessed Narek and Isaiah very quickly connected and bonded with the rest of the team. I observed these young judokas connect with their peers from across the world through this event.

It should be mentioned while traveling to Fukuoka Japan from California we had to stop in Beijing China for approximately 3 hours. However, due to some airline issues we end up spending a full day in Beijing. While we were in the airport, we met Team Essink from Nederland. We end up staying in the same hotel in Beijing, and spending the entire day together. We all had great time together site seeing. This is a great example how judo connected people from different countries.

When we arrived from Beijing to Fukuoka, we observed some judo player from China. They were also coming to the Sanix Judo Camp, and tournament. While in the line, at the airport, we started communicating, and getting to know each other. All this was going on due to all of us sharing one common thing, judo.

After Sanix Judo Camp, and tournament, we were fortunate to be able to participate Taisei Junior High School Judo Tournament. This was a great opportunity for our judokas to compete in a team tournament, and an individual tournament.

All of our judokas have increased their skills through the camp and competitions they participate.  The opportunity to mentor these young athletes is something I truly enjoy. It was very appealing to see each judoka to develop within this trip. I believe this trip was a great experience for each one of our judoka, and each one has learned a lot from this experience, just as I did.

Over all this trip was very exciting, and educational. This is an experience we will always remember. Your support made this trip possible for myself, Narek Manucharyan and Isaiah Thor.

Thank you!

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