last updated 10 Oct 2016

Welcome USJF Members

This page links you to all the resources as a member of the USJF. This includes access to our member portal where you have access to much more information.

Find out how and why you should become a USJF member

Explore our Judo Hall of Fame, where we recognize the achievements of our pioneers.

Members Portal

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USJF Members have access to a special Portal which they can login to. The portal provides a lot of additional information, resources and content to help you enjoy Judo and your membership in the USJF.

If you are a member of the USJF and you need to create a Portal access or if you have forgotten your credential please click on one of these buttons.

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Join the USJF or renew your membership. Options available for Online membership or traditional paper forms.

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Learn about the Membership Programs

The USJF offers several different membership programs. Find out which one is right for you. Also become a Life Member and enjoy substantial benefits.

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What are the benefits of being a USJF Member?

Find out what the benefits are of being a member of the USJF and what makes it the best choice for Grassroots Judo.

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Learn about SafeSport and CDC Headsup

USJF continues to lead by Example, These programs assure that our members are knowledgeable and understand the impact of abuse and concussion and what to do about either.

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USJF oversees the progress of judoka by the ranking system.

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Find A Judo Club

Locate a Judo Club/Dojo

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The USJF Judo Hall of Fame

Discover and learn about those who have been recognized as leading pioneers in US Judo by the USJF.

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